The Founding Story:

  • Being a Hmong with over 10 years of experience in Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai painting and design, I always want to have the opportunity to introduce the cultural values of my people to a great number of friends domestically as well as internationally. With the initial idea of designing and using brocade on Ao Dai, I went on a field trip to many northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam looking for Indigenous Hmong fabric suppliers to make my first design collection.
  • In the past, hemp and Indigenous Hmong fabric were used only in the daily life of the Hmong to meet the needs for clothing and spirituality. However in recent years, the hemp and Indigenous Hmong fabric industry has been given a new look, becoming products that meet the needs of the fashion market and the attraction of tourism, which has paved the way for the establishment of cooperatives, households etc. focusing on the production and maintenance of traditional textiles. However, the production is only limited to goods such as: Rough hemp ; wallet; bag; decorations; cushions, but not yet popularizing garments as the original value of hemp from ancient times “to serve the needs for clothing”. With the desire to promote the traditional values of hemp as well as contribute a small part with the community to preserve and develop the traditional textile industry, I have embraced an idea to design fashionable products with high applicability based on the available Indigenous Hmong fabric materials of the Hmong people, and proceeded to establish “Hmong Tagkis Co., Ltd.” In Hmong, “Hmong Tagkis” means “the Hmong of the new day”.
  • Hmong Tagkis is shaped as a fashion brand with streamline production, taking Hmong Culture as the center of design ideas with a variety of materials and products. Currently Hmong Tagkis also has free short-term tailoring classes for Hmong women who are labor migrants in Ho Chi Minh City and work with them to expand a fashion brand using Hmong Cultural values owned by a Hmong person.
  • Hmong Tagkis designs its products as a cultural pride, whether one way or another we look forward to bringing further advantage to the community to continue preserving, maintaining practice and developing tradition Indigenous Hmong fabric weaving of Hmong people.
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